"Expert advice in admiralty and cargo matters."

RISK MANAGEMENT: Our support throughout policy life-cycle greatly aids risk managers seeking efficiencies, so brokers and underwriters may concentrate on their core business. Through a combination of desktop, physical and forensic investigation we acquire the information you need to make policy decisions to fit your business focus.

INSIGHT: Our first hand expert advice in admiralty and cargo matters provides the support you require when assessing feasibility of a cargo or the suitable of a vessel. Protecting yourself only protects your asset, protecting your client secures your business. Our market knowledge and insight are tailored to your contractual obligations.

ANALYSIS: Our data analysis moves your business towards a better understanding of the behaviours and trends of your risks. By doing so we enhance understanding and bridge the gap between technical and issued risks. Class 7 conduct analysis at every level; vessel; fleet; account; regional or international, as required, and enable underwriters to make informed policy decisions or empower ship-owners and brokers to secure the right cover.

LOSS PREVENTION: Uninterrupted business is a key goal for ship owners which is achieved with the foresight Class 7 provide. The ability to identify, assess and quantify risk, at an early stage, to prevent loss is paramount. Class 7 provide independent, in-depth advice from all perspectives with the aim of mitigating preventable losses.

INVESTIGATIONS: We provide technical insight and operational experience to risk selection and casualty management processes. Ship-owners; operations managers; brokers; underwriters and claims directors all benefit from our detailed research. We uncover the nuances of a risk which are the differences between profit and loss.

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